About & Contact

The Bright Path Center is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Founded in 2005 (as The Bright Path Children’s Center) to provide educational services, mentoring, visual & performing arts programs, and counseling services to under-served youth.

We provide youth ages 5 to 17 years old with opportunities through educational programs, counseling, mentoring, after-school, weekend, summer programs.

We have expanded into further community outreach and now offer housing services, homeless care programs, and charity events that improve the bonds and good nature of our wonderful community.

Mission: To provide a supportive, safe, and educational environment for families and people in need. It is our goal to offer program that meets the intellectual, moral, social, emotional, and physical needs of members of our community.

Philosophy: The Bright Path Center will maintain an atmosphere that builds high self-esteem in children and teens. It is our philosophy that high self-esteem is extremely important for youth as it generates feelings of confidence, competence, and self-assurance. Through skillful communication and practice we will build these skills in children by letting them know that they are special, capable and competent individuals and by providing activities that reinforce their feelings of self-worth. Our nationwide garage door company can assist you with repairs, installation, maintenance and new garage door installations of all garage doors https://www.prosco.com/garage-door-services.

Goal: Our goal is to direct children and teens on a path to a successful future.

Contact Us:
4505 Allstate Dr. Ste. #8
Riverside CA. 92501
Fax: (888)-909-4209