When the holidays are just around the corner, and it is the time for laughter, fun, gifts, and a time for family and friends to gather. However, can you imagine the sadness and hopelessness felt by many families during the holidays when they are facing layoffs, cut-off notices on their utilities, eviction notices, or no food in their pantry? Shopping for Christmas gifts and holiday gatherings may be the last thing on their minds.

There are many families right in our neighborhoods facing many of these adversities. With your participation in our holiday program, Adopt-A-Child, you can make this a special and memorable holiday for a child. Without this program and your participation there is a child who may not otherwise experience the joy of the holiday season.

Bright Path Center is asking individuals and businesses in the community to “adopt” a child or teen for Christmas. You, the Adopter, will choose your adopted child, and you will be given their wish list. As the Adopter, you are asked to make your adopted child’s holiday a special and an enjoyable one by purchasing toys, new clothing, or a much needed item from their wish list. In consideration of everyone’s budget, we are asking that the total purchase price should not exceed $100.00.

So, there’s 3 ways you can help!

  1. By adopting a child you can choose a child by their age, gender, or needed items. You will purchase an item or items from their wish list and your adopted child will be presented with the item or items along with your name and picture at our holiday event.
  2. Or you can just purchase a new unwrapped toy or age-appropriate teen gift. Stocking stuffers such as gift cards, make- up, and cologne are also needed for teens. These items will also be given to the children at our holiday event.
  3. Donations given to help with the holiday event will be much appreciated. Donations will help with food and beverage items, raffles, wrapping paper and tape, entertainment, souvenirs, and decorations.

After we receive your information, we will provide you with your adopted child’s wish lists, and your child’s name, age, size, and gender.

P.S. Please don’t disappoint a child this holiday by not fulfilling your commitment. If you find that you cannot make your Adopt-A-Child commitment, ITS OK, just please give Bright Path Children’s Center a call so that we can reassign that child.

* Please inform your family, church groups, or your co-workers about our program. Please contact either Tarra Hill or Minh-Chinh Hoang if you have questions by calling 951-901-8105 or email or

Thank you in advance for all you are going to do! Making a difference, reaching out to another, and creating lasting memories for a child in need this Christmas is going to impact your life too!
*All Donations are due by December 18th.