Lighting the Way Towards A Brighter Future

At Bright Path Center, we believe in the potential of every individual and the transformative power of collective action. We’re on a mission to bring hope, empowerment, and a brighter future to at-risk and homeless individuals.

There are an estimated 66,433 homeless individuals in Inland Empire

A crisis that tears at the fabric of our shared humanity. Yet within each person living on the streets, in shelters, or on the edge of society lies a unique story, untapped potential, and the capacity for change.
We’re here to say; There’s a different path, a Bright Path.


people in California experience homelessness.


of the nation’s homeless population is from California.


of all unsheltered people in the country are in California.

Our Service

Emergency Food Services


Housing Solutions tailored as per your needs and requirements.


Support and Outreach for all people at risk.


Shape your future with life skills and employment training.


Emergency for service provides staples for those in urgent need.

About Us

Creating Change, One Person at a Time

Through housing solutions and homeless outreach programs, we not only provide a lifeline to those in desperate need but also empower them to transform their lives. Our initiatives span from skill-building workshops, job readiness programs, transitional housing assistance, to emergency food support.

Consider Maria. She was a mother of two, struggling on the streets. She came to Bright Path Center hopeless and defeated. Today, thanks to our comprehensive support and her relentless spirit, Maria is gainfully employed and has a safe home for her children. This is just one story out of many – stories that reiterate the power of giving and the tangible change we can bring about together.

We understand the scale of the homelessness crisis is Difficulty. But at Bright Path Center, we’ve seen how seemingly small actions can culminate in life-changing transformations. We invite you to become part of our mission, to join hands in creating a ripple effect of positive change.

Bright Path Center: Where Hope Finds a Home

At Bright Path Center, we’re not just providing services; we’re offering a beacon of hope for those in need. Join us on our mission to illuminate a brighter path for at-risk and homeless individuals in our community.

Community Partners

Bright Path partners with many local nonprofits, public service and government entities. Together we are able to provide more support and services for individuals in need.

Our Donors

Bright Path is grateful for all the generous donors that believe in our mission and together help make our services possible.