Bright Path Center


For homeless individuals, finding a job is very difficult. Many have no education and no guidance. Bright Path Center provides workshops and trainings for clients to learn and apply the needed skills to secure and maintain employment. Through our job training and readiness program, our clients gain important job skills, we give them interview clothes, conduct mock interviews, and we help them prepare résumés.

Job Preperation

  • Employment Training and Skills:

    • Job Skills
    • Attitudes and Performance
    • mock interviews
    • assistance with developing resumes
    • job Search
    • Job retention
    • Strengths and Weaknesses
    • work ethic
    • volunteer and internship Opportunity

Life Skills

  • Independent Living: Personal Living Skills: socialization, personal hygiene, health care, nutrition, and medication management.  
  • Home Living Skills: clothing care, meal plan and preparation, home care, and home maintenance/safety. 
  • Community Living Skills: social interaction, mobility & travel training, transportation time management, and community safety and participation.
  • Communication: Interpersonal communication, workplace communication, problem solving, decision making, and social skills.
  • Emotional Regulation/Intelligence: Social skills curriculum, stress management, anger management, self-esteem, conflict resolution, relationship building, and the impacts of behavior on self and others.