Ignite Change at Bright Path Center

In every moment, in every life, there is a potential for change. At Bright Path Center, we strive to ignite this potential, offering hope and opportunity to at-risk and homeless individuals Inland Empire and Los Angeles. However, our mission isn’t ours alone – it belongs to every individual who believes in the power of giving. When you donate to Bright Path Center, you join us in our mission to guide the path towards a brighter future.

Your Generosity, Their New Beginning

The journey towards a better future begins with a single step. Every donation, regardless of its size, is that step. Your generosity helps to provide:

Essential Housing Services

Your donation can provide secure, supportive housing for individuals and families, creating a foundation from which they can rebuild their lives.

Vital Outreach Services

Your contributions fund our outreach programs, ensuring homeless individuals have access to immediate aid, emergency shelter placements, and essential referrals to medical and counseling services.

Empowering Education Programs

Donations enable us to continue offering comprehensive workshops and training, empowering individuals with the skills and confidence to navigate the job market successfully.

Emergency Food Services

Your gift ensures no one in our community goes to bed hungry, fueling our emergency food assistance and on-site food pantry programs.

Donate Today: Light the Way to A Brighter Future

Join us in transforming lives and creating brighter futures. Choose from the following options to make a donation:

One-Time Donation: Make a single contribution to support our cause.

Monthly Donation: Become a Bright Path Star by setting up a recurring monthly donation.

Tribute Gift: Make a donation in honor of a loved one. We’ll send a personalized acknowledgment to the honoree or their family.

Legacy Gift: Include Bright Path Center in your will or estate plans to leave a lasting legacy of support.

Corporate Partnership: Engage your company in our mission through sponsorship, matching gifts, or payroll deduction donations.

A Pledge of Transparency

At Bright Path Center, we believe in the power of transparency. We are committed to ensuring your gift is put to the best possible use, directly benefiting those we serve. As part of our pledge, we promise to share regular updates and impact reports so you can see how your contribution is making a difference.

Our Donors

Every donation is a vote of confidence in our mission. Meet some of our generous donors and read their stories of why they chose to support Bright Path Center.

In-Kind Donation

Hygiene Products Needed

Food Needed

Household Products Needed

Product Donations

Please fill out the form below to donate products. We only take new items, thank you!
Please fill out the form below to donate products. We only take new items, thank you!

Support Shopping

If you shop at Ralphs supermarket, be sure to add Bright Path Center as your Community Rewards Organization. Every time you shop at Ralphs, Ralphs makes a donation to Bright Path Center! Just follow the simple instructions below to get Bright Path Center registered as your charity of choice.
When you shop at Ebay for Charity, Ebay will donate to Bright Path Center. Support us every time you shop!

If you have any questions regarding donations please call

Community Partners

Bright Path partners with many local nonprofits, public service and government entities. Together we are able to provide more support and services for individuals in need.